Monday, January 31, 2011

Whitegrass Is So Good This Season

Dawn after a tough drive:
It inspires:
So then suddenly, I was up on the ridge with a brooding sky:
It was thick for this wind-blown spot:
West Virginia:
Mike B is loving the conditions:
Tom starts the Baldy Pipeline:
Tom looks smooth:
Tom bends a knee:
Mike B:
Video of Mike showing how to tele in the two buckle boot:
Carnage ensued:
Everyone is up!
Oh my . . .
Eventually, the team regrouped:
It's really winter here:
I should have been Japanese:
Wasn't windy:
Loving the open slopes:
I just don't get tired of the snow on trees:
Almost to Breakfast Bowl:
But first some more trees:
Entrance to Breakfast Bowl:
Good company:
Julie exits Breakfast Bowl:
Stomping up Stonecoal:
Everybody loves to ski:
Flying the ski kite:
Sunday sucked according to everyone else:
Hmm . . .
AnnaMaria's room. The copying lost the contrast between the gleam in her eye and the blind doll but you can see it if you double click:
Aimee's cat now preserved in AnnaMaria's room. Not in a taxidermy sort of way, I haven't gone that WV. Yet:
First try during bedtime for a still life. That's me on the lower right:

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Skiing, What Else?

Don't drink the blue stuff:
Sunset Southern North Fork Mountain:

Same, nice clouds:
Aimee has a purple hat:
The slope at Whitegrass:
Lego castle:
A little daycare before skiing:

Some tracks through moderate trees:
Likewise, still lots of fresh snow around for the skiing:
Baldy at sunset:
10 degrees and windy but AnnaMaria was psyched to ski:
Oh 70s, give me back my style:

She's a determined young lady: