Saturday, July 27, 2013

LPH #36

Sometimes, we have to separate reality from illusion.  One way to do this involves running uphill at 12,000' after drinking some beer.  But it is more fun to use a trampoline:

Fortunately, both options were available at LPH Hash #36.  Here are the runners coming to terms with reality at the end of the initial uphill:

The initial uphill was also fortunately the only uphill even though it took almost one hour.  And here, as tribute to his climbing prowess, is Shakespeare creating the illusion of Superman:

I guess I forgot to mention the beer stop where reality and illusion collide:

Ok, from the beginning then for you folks who prefer a more linear narrative:

Following on the heels of LPH #35 which demonstrated you can get hashers to go just about anywhere with just a few bits of shredded paper, Rob graciously hosted LPH Hash #36.  He figured it was safe to allow a bunch of drunken runners into his home because his family was on the other side of the planet.  Getting to know our Polish guests (virgins) Alden and Juliana before the hash:

Testing the trampoline for later possibilities:

Blo It describes the runners' course:  

But, is Austin really part of Texas?:

What goes down must come up to reach the beer:

Handy Job shows how to run uphill and drink beer at the same time:

Time to check it out:

We eventually found the view point after wandering all over this little park:

The walkers are having an important conference:

Alden further up the trail:

Szymon experiences a burst of energy:

Blo It passes the tranca:

Hurrah for the Beer Stop!:


The eyes have it:

Handy Job and Stairmasterbater coming together.  They will later pay for the sex on the hash:

Victoria's Secret, the front running walking bastard, will later pay for his sins as well.

Shakespeare sees the future:

And it's more uphill:

It appears that the beer has gotten to Szymon.  He looks like he is actually enjoying the run:

Finally, the top:

Me, Alden and Blo It:

Good thing there was no paper to follow down there:

Group sex:

Shakespeare wandered off up the mountain bike trail while we took more photos:

And here are some mountain bikers:

Wide Open explored the sewer because he thought he saw some paper down there.  There was paper alright but not the shredded kind:

Wide Open sure has a lot of energy:

More hijinks on the way down:

It was a lot more fun in this direction:

Stairmasterbater opens up his stride:

The last few meters before the beer:

It's Saya time:

Three lovely ladies on the trampoline:

Circle time!  After the host was toasted, the hares drank next:

Polish virgins came next:

Penalties were assessed for pissing on and/or near the trail:

There were two (reported) incidents of same sex sex on the hash:

Of course, there was much singing of the usual bawdy verses:

Victoria's Secret had to drink for a host of violations, including walking to running and then shortcutting, finishing all the beer at the beer stop, and front walking/running bastard:

The ladies were punished/rewarded for their trampoline act, even though Juliana claimed she was not even on the trampoline at the time of the alleged display:

Shakespeare takes a bow:

And then came my baptism into the brotherhood of hashers:

I'm not worthy:

But I got baptized anyway:

Behold, the newly born Clit Hanger:

There was much rejoicing:

Shakespeare takes his rejoicing to a whole new level:

Social drinking and grilling:

Victoria's Secret looking a little sly:

Hash #37 is in three weeks.  Hopefully, I can get all the shredded paper out of my hair by then.