Sunday, April 22, 2012

La Paz Death March

On Sunday, Aimee and I ran the El Diario Prueba Pedestre over 13.3 kilometers between 11,500' and 12,500' which translates to La Paz Death March in English.  Aimee is ready to go before the sun rises: 

Notice the Cholita with the cheeseburger on the billboard over my right shoulder:

Our crew:

Joining the throng:

Various military groups were part of the race:

They run too close together for my comfort:

My friend, Ariel, who got 3rd place in the Bolivian national MTB championship race in Oruro the week before:

Me and my number:

Trying to organize the chaos:

29,862 of my closest Bolivian friends turned out for this free event.  I thought I wasn't too far from the front:

We were called to the line, packed ourselves like sardines, and then told the race would start in seven minutes:

We are off with a military group bearing the Bolivian flag just ahead:

By the time I passed the starting line, the front of the race was already out of sight on the hill above:

The first two kilometers went steadily uphill and passing was hard to impossible:

The national cerveceria was cruelly poised near the top of the initial 600' climb:

Unfortunately, the cerveceria was closed so I had to keep running:

After 2.5 kilometers, we begin a long descent:

The zebras normally try to control the traffic in downtown La Paz.  I guess this one wanted some exercise:

I'm so happy:

The Bridge of the Americas which undulated in a rather sickening manner as we crossed:

Tigo man:

The next section of the race brutally climbed 800' over three kilometers or so:

Sweet relief on the downhill towards the finish:

Flash takes a break:

For some reason the race was 13.3 kilometers long.  Maybe so we could enjoy this last hill:

Or maybe so the finishing runners could funnel onto this narrow street instead of spreading out around the wide open park below:

I met this fellow who had done well in the older master's class:

Hope I can still run at 70 years old:

Basking in the afterglow:

Every race needs nuns:

Borat like:

They passed out these plastic bandanas but we weren't sure what to do with them so I did this:

I expected to run 1:30 and ran 1:22 which made me happy until I found out that Aimee ran 1:18.  Oh well, maybe next race I'll do better or maybe I should just stick to biking.

Lago Zongo

Roberto and I went to Lago Zongo to see about making some new rock climbing routes.