Sunday, March 31, 2013


A dog followed Aimee home on one of her runs.  He was still outside our door a few hours later.

He needed a bath:

We have a new dog named Moonshine.  He's the luckiest dog in Bolivia:

Monday, March 25, 2013

More Running

Because I signed up to run a 50 kilometer trail race on June 1 near Washington, DC, I have tried to increase the amount of running in my life.  The trick for me is to find the appropriate balance between enough training to complete the event in a respectable time and too much training which will entail a predictable injury.

About 14,000' with Illimani and Mururata in the background:

Here's the standard gear for two hours of running at 12,500' on a Saturday afternoon with the La Paz Hashers:

Rain jacket, long sleeve shirt, gatorade, shot blocks, six sausages, matching buns, a bottle of whiskey, spicy mustard, a hat, and tp, of course.  I did an hour of pretty slow running before I headed to the Hash but then was a bit alarmed when Andrew told me the Hash could go as long as three hours!  I thought they were usually less than an hour for the running.

Here is a random shot of AnnaMaria and her friend looking for frogs where we ride horses:

But, back to the business at hand.  The La Paz Hash #30 at Saya Brewery:

Gathering before the run:

Ariel and Salva prepare for the Hash:

Here we go for an hour or so of running:

There was a rumor that some of the beer was shared with one of the locals:

Ariel demonstrates how to carry your beer on the hash:

A bus was arranged for those who needed a respite from the brutal pace of the running group:

We are approaching the viewpoint where most of the group reunited:

Group sex:

The dog was not included in the group sex, at least as far as I know.  Down, down:


Finally, back at the brewery:

Ariel demonstrates yet another way to carry the beer:

Remo is saluted for making the beer:

Virgens, we got virgens:

Aaron prepares for the baptism:

Salva is honored for beating all the other hashers in the marathon:

Getting ready to initiate the hares:

Having acknowledged that they are not worthy, the hares are ready to receive their blessing:

Shitty trail!  Really it was very good:

Down, down:

All good things must come to an end:

And so Illimani looks over La Paz Hash #30 and pronounces it good:

The next day, we went to Apacheta Collana where I ran and Aimee rode her bike in anticipation of doing the Ascenso next October.

AnnaMaria likes Pringles:

Aimee looks so pro:

Usually the running here starts with a significant ascent and this run is no different:

AnnaMaria found herself some flowers:

Still climbing:

Nice valley looking towards Collana:

The scenery is motivational but the lack of oxygen sucks:

So much vertical relief:

Aimee and me:

Roberto provided the vehicular support:

What a great playground:

Monday, March 11, 2013

La Maraton por La Paz

Aimee and I ran the first ever La Paz Marathon.  Actually, I think there was a Maraton de Los Incas in the 70s but not much documentary evidence of it has survived so we'll go with the race promoter's version of the story.

Not looking too bad at the finish:

Considering the elevation profile, the peak is just over 13,800':

The course layout through La Paz:

Fabiola had a great time at her first Marathon:

She was faster than me by 20 minutes!  It was my first marathon, too.

That's me with the sunglasses on my hat in the portly gentlemen's class:

That's me looking at Jorge, who took all these photographs, under the utility pole:

Aimee is much further up among the more elite runners:

No further photographs are in evidence.  We both finished.  Aimee was about an hour ahead of me.  I had some stomach problems on the ascent and puked four times including once when walking.  I really don't know what that was about as I wasn't pushing the pace.  But I had fresh legs on the downhill so I did not suffer much after that.  Aimee is walking a lot more funny than I am today.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Todos Los Hermosos Caballos

I just have to say that it's not the easiest thing ever to take photographs while riding a horse.

The outlaws had us pinned down at the fort . . .