Monday, March 11, 2013

La Maraton por La Paz

Aimee and I ran the first ever La Paz Marathon.  Actually, I think there was a Maraton de Los Incas in the 70s but not much documentary evidence of it has survived so we'll go with the race promoter's version of the story.

Not looking too bad at the finish:

Considering the elevation profile, the peak is just over 13,800':

The course layout through La Paz:

Fabiola had a great time at her first Marathon:

She was faster than me by 20 minutes!  It was my first marathon, too.

That's me with the sunglasses on my hat in the portly gentlemen's class:

That's me looking at Jorge, who took all these photographs, under the utility pole:

Aimee is much further up among the more elite runners:

No further photographs are in evidence.  We both finished.  Aimee was about an hour ahead of me.  I had some stomach problems on the ascent and puked four times including once when walking.  I really don't know what that was about as I wasn't pushing the pace.  But I had fresh legs on the downhill so I did not suffer much after that.  Aimee is walking a lot more funny than I am today.

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