Monday, March 25, 2013

More Running

Because I signed up to run a 50 kilometer trail race on June 1 near Washington, DC, I have tried to increase the amount of running in my life.  The trick for me is to find the appropriate balance between enough training to complete the event in a respectable time and too much training which will entail a predictable injury.

About 14,000' with Illimani and Mururata in the background:

Here's the standard gear for two hours of running at 12,500' on a Saturday afternoon with the La Paz Hashers:

Rain jacket, long sleeve shirt, gatorade, shot blocks, six sausages, matching buns, a bottle of whiskey, spicy mustard, a hat, and tp, of course.  I did an hour of pretty slow running before I headed to the Hash but then was a bit alarmed when Andrew told me the Hash could go as long as three hours!  I thought they were usually less than an hour for the running.

Here is a random shot of AnnaMaria and her friend looking for frogs where we ride horses:

But, back to the business at hand.  The La Paz Hash #30 at Saya Brewery:

Gathering before the run:

Ariel and Salva prepare for the Hash:

Here we go for an hour or so of running:

There was a rumor that some of the beer was shared with one of the locals:

Ariel demonstrates how to carry your beer on the hash:

A bus was arranged for those who needed a respite from the brutal pace of the running group:

We are approaching the viewpoint where most of the group reunited:

Group sex:

The dog was not included in the group sex, at least as far as I know.  Down, down:


Finally, back at the brewery:

Ariel demonstrates yet another way to carry the beer:

Remo is saluted for making the beer:

Virgens, we got virgens:

Aaron prepares for the baptism:

Salva is honored for beating all the other hashers in the marathon:

Getting ready to initiate the hares:

Having acknowledged that they are not worthy, the hares are ready to receive their blessing:

Shitty trail!  Really it was very good:

Down, down:

All good things must come to an end:

And so Illimani looks over La Paz Hash #30 and pronounces it good:

The next day, we went to Apacheta Collana where I ran and Aimee rode her bike in anticipation of doing the Ascenso next October.

AnnaMaria likes Pringles:

Aimee looks so pro:

Usually the running here starts with a significant ascent and this run is no different:

AnnaMaria found herself some flowers:

Still climbing:

Nice valley looking towards Collana:

The scenery is motivational but the lack of oxygen sucks:

So much vertical relief:

Aimee and me:

Roberto provided the vehicular support:

What a great playground:

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