Monday, December 23, 2013


I bought a new camera for taking pictures of birds.  It's a Canon SX50 which has a big zoom lens.  I'm going to use this post to document the different species I encounter in alphabetical order.  Most of the photos are just for identification but some of them are ok.

American Coot (Hoboken):

American Robin (and worm) (Dumbarton Oaks):

Andean Flicker (La Paz, 1/8/14):

Andean Gull, Male (La Paz, 1/14/14):

Ash-breasted Sierra-Finch (La Paz, 1/26/14):

Band-tailed Seedeater (La Paz, 1/14/14):

Bare-faced Ground Dove (La Paz, 1/14/14):

Black Capped Chickadee (Canaan Valley Wildlife Refuge, 12/27/13):

Blue-and-yellow Tanager (La Paz, 1/14/14):

Blue Jay (Dumbarton Oaks):

Brown-backed Mockingbird (La Paz, 1/8/14):

Buffleheads (Hoboken):

Canada Goose:

Chiguanco Thrush (La Paz, 1/10/14):

Dark-Eyed Junco (Spruce Knob, 1/2/14):

Double Crested Cormorent (Hoboken):

Downy Woodpecker (Canaan Valley Wildlife Refuge, 12/27/13):

Eared Dove (La Paz, 1/9/14):

Eared Dove (La Paz, 1/8/14):

European Starling (Central Park):

Gadwalls (Hoboken):

Golden-billed Saltador (La Paz, 1/14/14):

Gray-hooded Parakeet (La Paz, 1/14/14):

Greenish-yellow Finch (La Paz, 1/11/14):

House Finch (Dumbarton Oaks):

House Sparrow (Dumbarton Oaks):

House Sparrow (Central Park):

House Wren (La Paz, 1/14/14):

Mallards (Hoboken):

Mountain Caracara (La Paz, 1/10/14):

Northern Cardinal (Dumbarton Oaks):

Northern Cardinal (Central Park):

Peruvian Sierra Finch (La Paz, 1/9/14):

Red Bellied Woodpecker (Central Park):

Red Bellied Woodpecker (Spruce Knob, 1/2/14):

Red Shouldered Hawk (Central Park):

Red-tailed Comet (La Paz, 1/20/14):

Ring-billed Gull (Hoboken):

Rufous-collared Sparrow (La Paz, 1/8/14):

Sayaca Tanager (La Paz, 1/20/14):

Sierra Mourning Finch, Female (La Paz, 1/20/14):

Sparkling Violetear (La Paz, 1/9/14):

Sparkling Violetear (La Paz, 1/14/14):

White Breasted Nuthatch (Dumbarton Oaks):

White-browed Ground-Tyrant (La Paz, 1/11/14):

White-tipped Plantcutter (La Paz, 1/14/14):

White-tipped Plant Cutter (La Paz, 1/20/14):

Yellow-bellied Siskin (La Paz, 1/14/14):