Monday, July 15, 2013

Langston's Graduation

We went to see Langston's graduation from West Point.  But first, we did a little fishing in West Virginia:

We caught a few fish and then went north to the graduation.  It was raining:

But we had the finest rain gear from the New York Athletic Club circa 1975:

We're off to see the Wizard:

Hats were thrown without regard to their final destinations:

Langston got his pins next to General Patton:

Proud grandmother et al.:

The whole sick crew as Pynchon might say:

I'm pretty sure we are Marching to Pretoria, but maybe I'm wrong about that:

Meanwhile, back in Hoboken, someone is learning to rollerblade:

Soon, we are back in Bolivia.  The background is real:

So we dressed up as Ninjas because the instructions for the climbing competition said it was a costumed event:

But it wasn't that type of costume event.  Even though Langston got to carry me double the required passage:

It was an Aparapita event so you were supposed to dress up like an Aparapita, obviously, and climb about a dozen routes, run between the route locations, fetch a colored rock way up a hill and cross a river via Tyrolean traverse.  Our friend Alex on the Tyrolean traverse, looking way more Arapitian than us:

And then, we are off to the jungle, the mighty jungle, but first we needed a last small bite of civilization at the airport:

And flying cows, of course:

The best plane in Bolivia:

Thirty minutes later, we are at the airport in Rurrenabaque:

The control tower in Rurre:

Our boat to Parque Nacional Madidi:

AnnaMaria is ready to roll:

Another view of the boat further up river:

Sunset near our ecolodge:

Back in the boat to go piranha fishing:

Langston looks pensive:

The flower of a ginger tree:


AnnaMaria catches a big one:

Chestnut Fronted Macaw:

Hammock time:

Our accommodations:

AnnaMaria prefers to really swing in her hammock:

A little tubing in the afternoon:

Some tasty mosquito food:

Well, it is a rain forest:

Lunch time:

Family photo:

What's everyone staring at?:

AnnaMaria having a temper tantrum:

Thus endeth our trip to Parque Nacional Madidi.

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