Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Further Adventures of Langston in Bolivia

A little rock climbing at El Penon:

The most biking I've done since the Ascenso in October:

AnnaMaria and I:

She says she wants to climb but she really just wants to swing:

Langston and I went on a thirteen mile run to the Muela del Diablo and down to Puente Lipari.  It starts with a mild uphill for a few miles but we are headin for the highest point you can see in the distance:

After about an hour of steady uphill, we have gained some elevation:

Close to 13,000' here:

Passing the Muela after gaining more than 2,000':

Still some more uphill:

Unsettled weather in the Hampaturi which seems the norm for this season:

Langston's down there somewhere:

Lots of snow for this time of year:

Our destination is the lowest point in the middle of this photo:

Aimee makes fun of my running vest but it's the best way to carry water while running that I have found:

Lots of downhill:

You really don't want to fall in that water which drains La Paz:

Congratulations on a job well done:

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