Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Climbing

No photos 'cause I am lame.

Friday 5/21/10:

New route on the Lower Slabs Seneca, 5.10. May be named, O Possum, but that is sort of Latin precious. Maybe, Insolence given the setting. Or Nips . . . The routes are called Summer Breeze, Taps, Tips, so Nips naturally follows.

New Route, Scruffy, 5.4, also on the Lower Slabs. Awesome trundle prospects.

Saturday 5/22/10:

Four new routes at Spruce Shadows Crag: 5.9-5.11+. No bolts, yet. Smelled some cordite on one route.




Aimee to Haiti this week for school reconstruction then, after two days at home, to Sweden for two weekends for the Stockholm Marathon. Mr. Mom for me . . .

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