Sunday, June 27, 2010

DCMTB Crushes the 12 Hours of Cranky Monkey

DCMTB took 1st and 2nd overall at's 12 Hours of Cranky Monkey. DCMTB also took 2nd and 3rd in 40+ three man and 2nd in three person co-ed for a strong showing at the June 26th event at Quantico Marine Base.

My 40+ 2nd place team would also have likely finished in the top five overall had we not quit (i.e. I did not want to do another lap). 2nd place in our category was secure with thirty minutes still left to start a new rider so, given our large lead over the 3rd place team, we sacrificed our overall position so I wouldn't have to flirt with heat stroke on a 4th lap.

The DCMTB teams were:

1st overall and 1st in 3 man open: Ian Spivak, Mike Tabasco and Calvin Cheung

2nd overall and 2nd in 3 man open: Matt Donahue, Evan Ellicott (fastest lap in the whole race and on a singlespeed too!) and Kevin Stapleton

2nd in 40+ 3 man and way up there overall: Marc Gwadz, Tom Vaughn and your humble narrator

2nd in co-ed 3 person: Tyler Newby, Ilana Knopf and Leland Godwin

3rd in 3 man 40+: Mark Drajem, Raul Rojas (so fast this year!) and Mike Stoll

Somewhere in the running for 35+: Joe Foley, Vince and Jamie.

More than 400 racers faced temperatures in the mid-nineties plus high humidity on the hilly and challenging ten mile course. The heat made the race a grueling affair. Here are a few photos of how it happened.

Lots of DCMTB riders at the front of the starting run for the bikes:

Mike Tabasco rolled in 2nd overall after the first lap:

Matty D was 2nd for DCMTB and in the top five overall:

Raul had a great first lap and was really fast the whole race:

Tom Vaughn brings it home for our 40+ team:

The main venue for resting riders:

Home sweet home for 12 hours (my bike is in the middle):
Stay out of the sun:

Marc Gwadz shows off his cyclocross skills on one of his scorching laps:

The women's solo podium demonstrates the health of the sport:

DCMTB overall #1 and #2:

DCMTB Co-ed Three Person 2nd Place:
DCMTB 2nd and 3rd Places 40+ Three Man:

So my team was fast but I was not. Such is life. I didn't collapse in the heat and I'm happy about that.

I need to fix the photos so they all can enlarge but no time for that tonight. Only the first and last enlarge now.


  1. Do you guys even ride the bikes in this race or just run alongside them?

  2. Well, any fool can RIDE a bike.