Monday, October 4, 2010

Cody, Me Likey

Ok. I lied. It is the Adirondacks first. And not me either. It is Norbert near Cascade Pass. So niiice . . .

All photos are from Simon Carr. Many thanks.

Somewhere in the Adirondacks. Some easy ice.
The true angle (or not) is revealed. Note the wrong angle of the daggers at right.
Hmm, I think this is the start of something harder than it looks at Chapel Pond.
Norbert again near Cascade Pass on a really tasty climb.
Cody at last. Pitch 5 of Hearts. It violated my rules: the weather was 50+ degrees and sunny. Fat and easy but no climbing. Click twice on the photo to see me at lower left of pillar.
Typical Cody view.
High on Boulder, an easy trade route but good.
Low on Hearts. This pitch was gone when we descended later in the day.
WI 3+. Heh.
More High on Boulder.

Below, more Adirondacks ice at Chapel Pond.
I forgot the name but it is at the bottom of one of the major lines.

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