Sunday, September 11, 2011

11k at 13k

Aimee and I went to run an 11k race in El Alto which is a large city above La Paz at 13,000'. Here is La Paz below on the way to the race:El Alto is still above:
More giant Bolivian insects:
Oh no, the air is very thin up here:
The warm up zone:
Many schools sent teams to this race which had about 1o,ooo runners:
Near the start:
Aimee is looking cold:
Looking over the crowd of runners:
Out team: Anne, Aimee, Michel and me (with the camera):
Runners getting ready:
My legs hurt just thinking about running in these shoes:

Just do it:Team green:
The fashionable running set:
Our team is still cold:
Cholla and son:
The start was predictably late:
No Bolivian event is complete without a band:
Lots of girls racing:
Sasha, the organizer, ordering the women to the back where they had their own start:
Coming into the finish with Hyuani Potosi in the background:
At last, the finish line:
None the worse for wear:
Aimee crosses the line:
And sucks air:
Michel explains to Sasha that the 10k signs were not in the correct place as the last kilometer was more than a mile:
Getting the high sign from the band:
Anne took 2nd in her category (women 40+):
Aimee was third:
I finished without walking:
In Bolivian style, the only exit passed through the only entrance for finishing runners:
Arnold, our driver, did a great job:
Clouds building over the Hampaturi Range. Not much time to return this season:

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  1. Way to go Aimee!!! 3rd place is a great finish anywhere, but at 13,000 feet it's an amazing finish. Running in chucks? whoa. I'd think bare feet might be better.