Thursday, February 23, 2012

In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle . . .

Well, technically it's the cloud forest but I don't know any songs about cloud forests.  Here's the entrance to the Rio Selva Resort, near Coroico in the Yungas, where we spent Carnival.

You can see one of the water slides and the Huaranilla River from our room:

You could jump into the river from our balcony if you were so inclined:

After settling in, we took AnnaMaria to one of the pools:

Nice flowers:

Max thinks he owns the football field:

AnnaMaria loved the slides at the indoor pool:

She was a little frightened of the river:

We went to Coroico for the afternoon:

Enjoying a relaxing snack:

And taking in the view:

AnnaMaria, Adriana and Brunita:

We hit the disco after dinner:

AnnaMaria busts a move:

Soon it was time for bed and the lullaby of the river:

I went for a mountain bike ride up the river:

It got warm in the sun:

Just past Chairo, the road became narrower and I saw no one for the next three hours:

There were some streams to cross:

And flowers by the road:

I think I was on the Choro Trek but I am not sure:

After crossing this stream, the road became really steep:

I rode to this clearing before simultaneously running out of time and legs:

Looking back down the valley:

Someone lives up here but I did not see them.  Maybe they were celebrating Carnival in Chairo:

It started raining and I turned around here:

The downhill was awesome.  When I stopped to take this picture, I heard a hissing sound from my bike and was worried I had sprung a leak in a tire but it was the rain hitting the break rotors and turning to steam.  The view of Coroico was nice:

Looking down the river at the Chairo bridge:

Looking up the river from the same place:

This dog is not the president, although he acts like he is:

The vultures were out to get me but they were disappointed this time:

Our room is at tree level on the right:

Once that I got that pesky exercise out of the way, I could get back to napping and reading:

I forgot to charge my Garmin so I have no real ride information.  I guess that means it doesn't count.

Ride time: 4 hours, more than 3 hours up and less than 1 hour back down.
Elevation:  A few thousand feet uphill and back.
Distance:  No idea.

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