Sunday, October 28, 2012

Catching Up

I haven't made any posts recently but we have done a few things.  For example, I went to the US and spent some time with Langston.  Here we are after running 10 miles to the summit of Spruce Knob from the cabin:

Not quite Paul Ryan but I'm working on it.

AnnaMaria displays more creativity than her parents.  Not that we set the bar very high:

Some local mtb riding:

There's lunch at the end of the road.  Look at Aimee go:

I forgot half my biking clothes.  It's easy to let things slide in my randy dottage.  Marc Gwadz came to visit.  I told him it would take an hour to make the ride up Spruce from 33 but he made it in 52 minutes.  So I am guilty of false advertisement.  As we shall see, if he comes to Bolivia we can find a hill that takes more than hour to climb.

Raul came along as well. He has a crushing power to weight ratio.  I started before Marc and Raul and, when they passed me, Raul rode with me for a kilometer or so.  Later, he referred to this brief period as "stopping" for a while.

Langston came to WV with his girlfriend, Sarah:

We contemplated the rocks:

Gentlemen of a certain age arrived:

We climbed rocks of even greater antiquity:


Leading Discrepancy at the Lower Slabs:

Farewell WV.

AnnaMaria takes the big slide:


More mtb:

AnnaMaria celebrated her birthday at the local spa:

I nearly expired from excessive exposure to pink:


AM surveys the scene:

Emily is nonplussed:

More Emily:

Adriana looks askance:

Feral child:

The cake:

Brave theme:


Ready to skate:

Old people should only skate with caution:

New hobby:


At her second swim meet:

It was really hot in the natatorium:

We are proud of our swimmers:

Domestic times:

Here's where we ride horses:

AnnaMaria goes solo:

Looking pretty comfortable in the saddle:

Easy there, Bessy!

We had a party on my birthday and danced amidst the seasonal decor:

Aimee totally crushed the field at a 10 mile walkathon.  Heh.

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