Thursday, May 2, 2013

Nuevo Granito Cerca Hati Khollu

I pulled a calf muscle two weeks ago and have had to lay off the running for awhile.  Fortunately, I can walk just fine so we went climbing to an area where my friend Alex said he saw some nice granite towers.  It's in a valley that you can't see from any of the adjacent peaks and there aren't any trails that go there either.  Basically, there are no routes whatsoever in a pretty extensive area of granite peaks and walls up to 250 meters tall.  Because most of the rock in the immediate La Paz area is terrible, I wasn't expecting much but here's what we got:

Amazing granite like the best in Yosemite.  The only downside is that it is at 17,000' or so and is a three and a half hour walk from the car.  Add the 1.5 hour drive from La Paz and it's a lot for a day trip but it's possible.

Here's the view down the valley towards the Yungas where there are lower angled walls, also with no routes:

Most of the approach is pleasant walking through bofedales:

But the way kicks up and the footing gets nasty on the last hump to the pass:

Hey, look at that:

There is a small lake for water if you were inclined to carry camping gear up to the pass:

Alex looks small standing at the base of the second tower as Eduardo follows:

The two towers:

Eduardo is gobsmacked:

Los tres amigos y el granito perfecto:

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