Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Birds II

I decided to start a new post for birds because the older post became so big it was hard to work with.  So here are some more birds in alphabetical order.

Ash-breasted Sierra Finch:

Band-tailed Seedeater (La Paz, 2/16/14):

Black-backed Grosbeak (Sorata, 3/2/14):

Cattle Egret (Achacachi, 3/3/14):

Creamy-breasted Canastero:

Giant Hummingbird (La Paz, about 23cm btw):

Gray-hooded Parakeet (Mecapaca, 2/10/14):

Puna Ibis (Achacachi, 3/2/14):

Red-tailed Comet (La Paz, 2/5/14, female):

Rufous-naped Ground Tyrant:

White-bellied Hummingbird (Sorata, 3/3/14):

White-bellied Tyrannulet (Mecapaca, 2/10/14):

White-winged Black Tyrant (Sorata, 3/2/14):

Yellow-billed Teals (Achacachi, 3/2/14):

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