Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Little Walk Behind the House

I had an hour before sunset to go for a walk behind our house. Here's some small mud formations in the evening glow:

Although it has nothing to do with the hike, this rig belongs to my new acquaintance, Hugo, who likes to go ski mountaineering:

My hiking destination was these antennas above our house:
As I got close to the antennas, the Hampaturi Group (17,785') came into view:
Here's the view towards Mallasa on the other side of the ridge:
Our house is the semi-circular in the middle of the photo. It's easier to see if you click on the photo:
This area is all more or less Calacoto in the Zona Sur section of La Paz:
The snow covered flat peak in the background is Mururata (19,242') which looks like a good place to ski:
I think the area across the valley with the mud towers is Valle de Los Animas:
I got above the antennas:
Pretty to look at but not so good for climbing:

It's interesting how the smaller features seem to have the same basic structure as the large features:
A surveyor's landmark, perhaps:
The sun was setting quickly so I had to head home:
Much more to explore there later.

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