Saturday, December 10, 2011

Driving Towards Illimani

The easiest way out of town for us is uphill towards Illimani.  So we took a little drive in the countryside last weekend.

AnnaMaria bouldering with Illimani in the background:

Mururata with its skiable glaciers:

A nice place to sit:


Valle de Las Animas:

Palca Canyon:

Hati Khollu in the Hampaturi, I think:

Scenic village:

The road descends from here at around 15,000', where we turned around, into the Yungas:

"Daddy, this was a bad idea."  AnnaMaria did not like our excursion onto a smaller road:

Looking down on the "main road" from our side trip:

Another view of Valle de Las Animas:

And then home.

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