Friday, December 30, 2011

Palca Canyon

After our ride towards Mururata, Roberto suggested we drive home via Palca Canyon.  I had heard of it but was not prepared for how impressive it is.

Dropping into the canyon:

At the river bed, a chunk of rock has fallen out of the wall:

Looking up the canyon:

The walls are large and, if the rock were good, it would be an amazing climbing place:

These walls are about 2,000' tall:


We ran into a small problem.  The road was washed away, apparently within the previous two weeks:

We continued on foot towards this tower:

Aimee and I giving the tower a sense of scale:

Looking back down the canyon:

Roberto and the tower:

More mud:

We drove back down the canyon and went back around the way we came.  There is a mine at the end of the small road where the red minerals are staining the mountain:

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