Sunday, January 1, 2012

Isla del Sol

We had plans to go to Isla del Sol on Lake Titicaca the day after Christmas.  Here's AnnaMaria on Christmas morning:

Wilbur isn't sure what to make of the holiday decorations:

Somebody was nice last year:

The next morning, we loaded into a minivan and started the four hour drive to Copacabana:

The forecast was for rain so partially cloudy was good:

We had to take a ferry across the narrow channel separating the two main parts of Lake Titicaca:

Welcome to the other side:

Copacabana, not the hottest spot south of Havana:

Getting ready to take a boat for the 1.5 hour ride to Isla del Sol:

Don't get off the boat!:

The dock at our lunch stop:

The final leg to where we would hike to the ecolodge:

On the hike with clearing weather:

Another view from the hike.  The amount of land terraced for agriculture in this area was impressive:

AnnaMaria got to ride a burro:

Nice flowers at the ecolodge:

The view of Illampu (on left) and Ancohuma across the lake

We hiked up to the lighthouse at the highpoint of the island:

AnnaMaria fell asleep and I carried her down in my backpack:

Sunset on Illimani beyond the southern end of the lake:

Illampu and Ancohuma in twilight:

And the same formation just after dawn:

We spent the next morning visiting Isla de la Luna.  Walking to the boat:

A motorized reed boat on the point:

Crossing the lake:

AnnaMaria looking for suitable projectiles on the shore of Isla de la Luna:

AnnaMaria wasn't doing too well with the elevation and tries to rest at the Temple of the Virgins of the Sun: 

Many Incan sites feature the Andean Cross but apparently this site is the only one with three dimensional crosses:

AnnaMaria perks up on the burro:

More great weather considering it's the rainy season:

Flower at the ecolodge:

Back to the ecolodge for lunch:

There it is:

The next morning, AnnaMaria was not feeling well so we left early for home.  Saying goodbye to a llama:

Poor big girl was feeling sick and the boat ride was not going to help matters:

A local fishing boat:

Aimee enjoyed the trip.  AnnaMaria not so much:

Crossing the channel on the ferry toward La Paz:

We'll definitely go back to visit this beautiful island again.

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  1. What a beautiful place! Poor AM. I hope she is all better now.