Monday, July 11, 2011

Trying out the camera

So, here is the view from my work station:
It's enough to make Mary weep:
The DCCX braintrust:
Langston gets psyched for a big day at the DMV:
Langston is somewhat less psyched after his day at the DMV:
We got a new ride for Bolivia:
AnnaMaria seems to like it:
I have no idea what is on the side mirrors:

This view shows the Washington Monument from a different perspective:
Sorry about the blur on the lens:
We had a nice sunset:

It was hard to take good photos from the moving car:

As we drew near the WV border, the scene began to change:
The cemetery in Wardensville:
Sunset on Corridor H:
The next morning we had a visitor:
Turkeys can fly:
He's checking me out:
Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble:
We have sunflowers:
And other wild flowers:
Macro lens seems to work:

Blueberries everywhere:
The garden is booming:
Too much zucchini (the left):
We got peaches on our small trees:
Aimee is smaller than the sunflowers:
Oh yeah, that's my arm:

I think this photo shows standard kimono protocol:
AnnaMaria plays hide her friends (again):

The garden has worked out splendidly:

Friends for the swimming hole:

AM like to throw rocks:


The footing is treacherous:

It looks Japanese to me:

Tragedy befell Mermaid Barbie:

But we went climbing anyway:

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