Sunday, July 24, 2011

Las Dos Lisas

Another self-portrait from AnnaMaria. This one is happier:Focused on X-Men:
AnnaMaria's photo:
The zucchini have landed:
And cucumbers, too:
Even the birds are getting into the act:
What do you do with too much zucchini? Make a zucchini toboggan, of course:
Gathering blueberries on the way to the crag:
The intrepid adventurers:
More flowers:
And butterflies:
AnnaMaria acting shy:
Aimee and AnnaMaria have landed:
Here is the Bestest Route Ever:
Lisa rappelling:
Hanging out at the base:
Lisa finishes her first climb ever:
Lisa starts up the chimney:
She's getting higher:
Lisa on her second climb ever:
Not sure which way to face:
The tough part:
Aimee is a hotdog:
Time to go home:
The climbing was successful:
This old snag marks the trail back home:
It was brutally hot (for WV) so we went swimming:
AnnaMaria is starting to get it:
She swimming on her own:
Aimee and Las Dos Lisas:
And AnnaMaria, too:
The Mother Crag:

Ichibana:Aimee and our ichibana:
It rained Sunday:
The sunflowers are almost ready:
We went for a walk after it stopped raining. Flowers, flowers, and more flowers:

Ferns, too:

My little flower:
Red berries:
More butterflies:
WV mailbox:

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