Saturday, July 2, 2011

Moving to Bolivia

Here we are heading out on our first trip to Bolivia. Neither of us had visited before so we aren't entirely sure what to expect.

But we are optimistic.
Maybe a bit nervous, too.
The first view of La Paz, looking down on Zona Sur, at 5 am from 13,000 feet.
Typical cobbled street:
Here is a beautiful house we liked:

The days were pretty warm (60s) and sunny. It did not suck.
This penthouse was sweet but we worried about AnnaMaria's safety:
Our guide, Jorge, was very helpful and fun to hang out with:
Here you can see the usual barbeque arrangement:
This school turned out to focus a little too much on missionary work for our taste:
The checkered flag is for the indigenous people of Bolivia, the middle flag is Bolivia and the flag of La Paz is on the right:
An arch reminiscent of Tiwanaku in El Centro, not far from Aimee's work:
Illimani through the arch:
Illimani again:
A house that was too big for us:
Aimee, my official domestic partner:
This one was very nice but we don't have (and don't want to get) enough furniture to fill it:
We took this house. We also will have some issues filling the space but it's not really as big as it looks:
I liked this house because the garden was well established and it seemed like the construction materials were solid:
Here's another house with a good garden:

It was close to the agronomy institute where they had some greenhouses and fresh produce:
Here is the school where AnnaMaria will likely go. It is easy walking distance from our house:
The gym:
Cholitas in hard hats:
I also really liked this house but Aimee preferred the other. Again, the mature garden appealed to me:
Good views:

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  1. HOLY CRAP! Those houses are AMAZING!! I'd have taken any of them!!! I'd love to come visit!!