Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Last Few Weekends Before Bolivia

Time is quickly passing to our departure day for Bolivia but we are trying to spend every weekend in WV. We had a rare campfire last weekend:

AnnaMaria tries out Langston's sword:

She appears studious:
The moon was just past full in WV:
Ron brought his telescope to look at star clusters:
Another view of the telescope:
The zucchini are growing fast and furious now:
The usual suspects:
The sunflowers have fully bloomed:
The cucumbers are mounting an incursion across the demilitarized zone:
More sunflower love:
We should get some broccoli before we leave:
A couple heads at least:
The flowers are still good:

AnnaMaria went for her first real horseback ride:
On this fine beast:
She might be a little nervous:
Hmmmm . . .
She did just fine:
On the way to Seneca Rocks:
At the North Peak summit:
Taking a break:
A natural for sure:
Yet another sunset on Nelson Rocks:
The Mystery Machine came to visit:
Glowing by the fire:
The campfire:
Trying to toast marsh mellows:

More fire:
Somebody had a good time:
I'm getting old and just got reading glasses for the first time:
My friend Simon Carr. We did a few nice 5.11 first ascents earlier in the day.
AnnaMaria took this photograph but I am not sure what it is:

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